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PC new builds

You can Build Your Own PC or Mojoo build Your Own PC to your ideal specification using high quality components that work well together. All our new and refurbished computers are backed by customer support and a 12 months warranty

When you use our service to Build Your PC, you can often save on cost because you only pay for what you need on the other hand you can spend more on the key parts such as CAD, gaming, 3D design, virtualisation, stock trading, data storage, video editing, audio production, software development of even your basic office of factory computer, we also build fan-less machines for very dusty environment’s. You can use our knowledge to get exactly the type of computer you need by choosing the exact components you require.

Laptop Repair Service

Laptop data recovery
Laptop power jack repair
Laptop virus, malware, spyware, pop-ups
Laptop screen repairs
Laptop hinges, bezels repaired
Laptop trackpad, keyboard repair
Laptop liquid damage
Laptop motherboard DC jack repair
Laptop cleaning inside and outside
Laptop overheating issues
Laptop network setup
Laptop operating system recovery
Software repair
Laptop Linux installation
Laptop upgrades
Laptops running slow fixed

Computer repair service

Hardware repairs and troubleshooting
Software repairs and troubleshooting
Improving computer’s speed and performance
Operating systems Microsoft, OSX or Linux reinstall
Virus, spyware, malware, pop-ups removed
Hard drive and memory upgrades
GPU, CPU and motherboard upgrades
Internal and external dust cleaning
Power supply unit upgrade or replacement
All types and brands of computer repaired, upgraded or serviced

Data Recovery

Recovery & backup solutions
Data Transfer Recovery of Lost Data / Files / Pictures
emails recovery
Hard disk drive recovery
Flash drive recovery
SSD data recovery
Notebook recovery
Data destruction from old drives
Document scanning and digitization service
35mm film recovery
MiniDV tape data recovery
VHS and betamax tape data recovery
DVD and CD data recovery
Floppy disk data recovery

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