Mojoo Ltd, created in the year 2000, having an keen interest in electronics. Then the Sinclair spectrum came out which was to expensive at the time, that was closely followed by Commador 64, Toshiba MSX, then Atari & Amiga, First computer experience was Toshiba MSX it was so easy to learn & programming in MSX basic was so simple and lots of small utilities was created in MSX basic, from image viewers, Databases & of course many many games was also created using MSX basic, however my favourite bit of software I ever created was a image viewer that could open and view any format of graphics files which now is built into windows, back then its was a frustration not being able to view  images from different operations systems, Types of Comuters. having had a little taste of computing and realising its potential rampant studying took over and many years later here we are.

We Thrive On Challenging Repairs That Produce Bigger Rewards.

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Whatever your problem we believe Mojoo has the skills, knowledge, experience & determination to find a solution for you

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Fault Diagnostics

We find faults fast, most faults are found within 10 minutes, we never take days to find a fault

Fast Repairs

We don’t mess around, we fix your computer fast as long as parts are in stock

Office Pc

Let us built your ideal office Pc, Fast, Quiet, Reliable, Dependable, Future proof

Service your office PC

Options are useless without a clear understanding of what servicing will achieve for your business

Responsive Support

No matter what your issue, Mojoo customer support cannot compare with anyone.

Do Something Amazing

Call or text Mojoo Ltd, whatever your issue we have a can do attitude, so try us today.

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We help where others can only watch.

DATA Recovery
DATA Recovery
Most of the time DATA is recoverable, the main thing that will make DATA recovery more difficult is DIY attempts or your cousin Vinny, the one with the lazy eye who thinks he knows enough to do it for you, thats fatal.
DIY recovery 10%
Successful Mojoo recovery 95%
Slow Computers
Slow Computers
There are many things that can cause your desktop computer or laptop computer run slow or malfunction, regular servicing can prevent and predict failure before it becomes an issue
No service = shorter lifespan 20%
Extend life with service 85%
Virus Clean-up
Virus Clean-up
Viruses can be such a headache, key is make sire you have a decent antivirus, not all virus software is the same, some are just window dressing and are as bad as having no antivirus.
Bad antivirus, high risk 36%
Good antivirus, safety first 95%

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