Mojoo has been repairing, upgrading & servicing Laptops & PC’s for the past 20 years

We are a computer services company based in West Bromwich, we have been in business since 2000. We offer a wide range of personalized technical support services to both our domestic and business customers.

Some of the services we offer are

  • custom built computers,

  • refurbished computers

  • repairs

  • upgrades to make your computer faster

  • service contracts to minimize downtime

  • DATA recovery from software or hardware failures

  • virus and malware cleaning

  • router security to minimize hacking activity

  • DATA encryption services. off-site backups

  • secure disposal of your old IT equipment

  • many many more ask if you don’t see what you are looking for

DATA Recovery

Data Recovery Service

Have you lost your data? You can count on Mojoo to get your data back

  • Hard drive is not working or accessible

  • Hard drive is clicking

  • USB drive is not working

  • DVD of your wedding is scratched

  • Videotape of your grandmother need saving to DVD

  • Flash memory card got formatted by accident

  • The connector on your USB drive has broken off

  • Virus, malware or ransomware attack

  • Outlook email file is corrupt

  • Just some of the scenarios we have come across before

  • and of course, Your laptop slipped out of your hands while you were doing a parachute jump lol

We have the expert partners in place who can step in where we been unable to successfully retrieve your data, long-standing partners with a high level of expertise second to none.

To aid successful recovery do not attempt to recover using the many data recovery software on the market because if you have a damaged read/write head you could be causing more damage and ultimately make it more difficult or even impossible to recover any data, we have seen people even open up the drives, again if you value your data do not open the hard drive, there are no user serviceable parts inside and you need a clean dust free environment before opening a hard drive


Laptop Repair and Service –

If your laptop is damaged or faulty there are a number of ways we may be able to help.

Software Issues

We can reinstall your operating system and drivers for you. Most commonly we would do this after a new hard drive has been fitted, but for various reasons, you may wish to take advantage of this at other times. We will not normally install other software, drivers are installed as part of the service.

There are a few options for this service, Please note this process will destroy any existing data on the laptop unless it is backed up first (there is a charge for data backup).

hardware issues

hard drive failures are pretty common and in most cases are usually straightforward repair, however, memory, motherboard, PSU etc can also cause problems, we always try to confirm failure using various testing methods depending on the nature of the failure, we can then either give you a free quote for repair or you may have a full diagnostics, for diagnostics only there is a charge for time spent testing, this charge variable depending on how much time was spent on testing and if any work was required to be carried out to obtain a successful diagnostics, this charge is refunded if repair work is carried out by ourselves.

Insurance Report

If your laptop is damaged and your insurers require a engineers report we can provide this, you will need to send the laptop to us for inspection, the price for this service includes returning the machine to you by insured carrier. Again for an extra charge, we can arrange for the machine to be collected from you.

Please do not bring your machine to us for repair without contacting us. we work by appointment only

We reserve the right to dispose of machines after three months where payment has not been made, to minimize costs.

finally, back up your data – we cannot accept responsibility for data loss. if your data is important tell us, we are here to help

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