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Data recovery software can help you recover your data from these storage devices by scanning them for recoverable files and restoring them to a new location. However, data recovery software may not always work and can even mess things up further by either causing more damage to your storage device, making any professional data recovery even more expensive than it would be otherwise, if the storage device is severely damaged or overwritten and your data is important to you then the best thing to do is not to keep trying and potentially make thing worse or even impossible. if your hard disk has physical damage to the heads for example using data recovery software can quite easily cause even more damage and in some cases you can damage the drive beyond recovery, also opening the drive to the elements will make it more difficult and more expensive to recover any data, In such cases even professional data recovery services may not be able to help you, specialized tools and techniques to recover your data are expensive no doubt about that, but that’s not always necessary if the hard disk is not tampered with.

Mojoo Ltd has the right contacts and experience for whatever the situation and whatever the media in whatever format or configuration.

Contact us without delay and give yourself the chance to save your memories or business files, photos and videos of your loved ones are irreplaceable and worth it as are your business files.

Recently jobs we have had are some photo albums and 35mm negatives from the Cayman Islands from a flooded property along with a laptop hard drive, we had good success and were able to recover a lot of images and videos for the client.

A recent failure was a Hard Drive from Dubai that had already been opened by some other company, unfortunately the drive was in such poor condition that we had to regretfully decline the job.

Another job was from a Wolverhampton man who’s husband had sadly recently lost his mother, the last images and funeral service were on a SD memory card that failed whilst he was transferring the images onto his laptop, we were able to do a full recovery for our client on that occasion.

another job we had recently was a RAID configuration were 2 of the drives in the array had failed, also the operating system was Novell Netware, however after replicating and rebuilding the RAID array we were able to recover all the clients data with the help of a recovery partner 

Data recovery is the process of restoring lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted, or otherwise inaccessible data from different storage devices. Data recovery can be performed on various types of medium, such as:

Hard Drives

These are the most common storage devices in computers and laptops. They store data on spinning magnetic disks. Data loss can occur due to physical damage, logical errors, malware infection, power failure, or human error.

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

These are similar to hard drives, but they use flash memory chips instead of magnetic disks. They are faster and more reliable than hard drives, but they can also suffer from data loss due to wear and tear, firmware issues, encryption errors, or accidental deletion.

Optical Disks

These are circular discs that store data using laser beams. They include CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Data loss can occur due to scratches, cracks, exposure to heat or sunlight, or improper handling.

Memory Cards

These are small cards that store data using flash memory chips. They are used in digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. Data loss can occur due to physical damage, formatting errors, virus infection, or accidental deletion.

USB Drives

These are small devices that plug into a USB port and store data using flash memory chips. They are also known as flash drives or pen drives. Data loss can occur due to physical damage, formatting errors, virus infection, or accidental deletion.

"Got my wedding photos back after I thought they were deleted"
Mom Sam
Google reviewer

this was a corrupted USB stick, every image was recovered for the client

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