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Internet security is the practice of protecting your devices and data from online threats, such as malware, hackers, phishing, ransomware, and identity theft. Having the right level of protection is essential for keeping your online activities safe and private.

Some of the benefits of having a good internet security software are:

  • It can prevent malicious programs from infecting your devices and stealing your personal information.
  • It can block dangerous websites and links that may try to trick you into revealing your passwords, bank details, or other sensitive data.
  • It can encrypt your internet traffic and hide your IP address, making you anonymous and untraceable online.
  • It can monitor your network and firewall settings, preventing unauthorized access and attacks from hackers.
  • It can help you manage your passwords and create strong ones for different accounts.
  • It can backup your important files and data in the cloud, ensuring you don’t lose them in case of a disaster.
  • It can provide parental controls and web filters, allowing you to limit your children’s exposure to inappropriate or harmful content.

There are many comprehensive internet security suite’s that offer complete protection for single or multiple devices under one licence. Microsoft Windows 11 includes a powerful antivirus engine which is actually pretty good, however it is a little limited in some ways and is not really designed as a competitor to commercial internet security software, it doesn’t have the following, a VPN, a password manager, basic a firewall, no parental controls, cloud backup, dark web monitoring, and more.

There are many highly advanced internet security suites that have a lot more features, and offer many time better protection. features like multi-layered ransomware protection, a VPN, password managers, comprehensive firewall, webcam and microphone protection, parental controls, anti-theft tools, and more.

If you want to learn more about these internet security suites and how they compare with each other, you can read our full review here.

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