In the todays world, we have computer chips in almost everything, as well as a computer at home or at work, Computers are essential devices that help us handle many things that a computer simply does better and faster than us, Computers do breakdown occasionally, usually due to the lack of a maintenance plan, misuse, damage, power issues etc, just like other electronics. Mojoo Ltd provide computer repair services to both domestic and business clients, our repair service is fast and affordable, our aim is to always repair to put your PC back to factory condition, we do this by sourcing original OEM parts wherever possible, If those parts are at a silly price then we look for a cheaper solution. We are based in West Bromwich but we operate within a 5 mile radius, many of our clients come to us from further away and some also mail their device to us after a telephone consultation, we work on almost all makes and models depending upon the availability and cost of parts since, we are familiar with many different types of repairs and we have experience to handle most repairs.

We offer several computer repair services including:

Maintenance Services

PC and laptop tuning and updating. Regular maintenance will increase the working speed as well as increase its lifetime. updating and installing new software, general inspections, troubleshooting and pre-emptively replacing or repairing parts near to failing.

Our turnaround on all computer repairs is fast but is dependant on the availability of parts. Why not contact us now using the chat feature or call us now for faster response.

We also offer a wide range of upgrade options for your desktop. From operating system updates to hardware upgrades.

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