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Obsolete parts for repairs

We have a special section for obsolete parts for use in data recovery and other repairs such has hard drive mainboard PCB’s, capacitors, fuses & 3D printer spares

New & used PC’s & Laptops

We have a small selection of prebuilt & used computers, If you need a certain specification contact us, maybe we can help with that too

Latest News

Latest exciting development is we have started repairing 3D printers & have began to keep a small amount of spare parts, consumables & maintenance tools, having purchased a few faulty ones just to gain knowledge before deciding to go down that road, it has been quite fun to figure out the differences between the various different models, shortly we will also be selling some new & used 3D printers as soon as we have found a reliable manufacture & partner, Laser cutters & desktop CNC repairs will most likely be next, watch this space lol